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Learning Using Large Datasets

Abstract: This contribution develops a theoretical framework that takes into account the effect of approximate optimization on learning algorithms. The analysis shows distinct tradeoffs for the case of small-scale and large-scale learning problems. Small-scale learning problems are subject to the usual approximation–estimation tradeoff. Large-scale learning problems are subject to a qualitatively different tradeoff involving the computational complexity of the underlying optimization algorithms in non-trivial ways. For instance, a mediocre optimization algorithms, stochastic gradient descent, is shown to perform very well on large-scale learning problems.

Léon Bottou and Olivier Bousquet: Learning Using Large Datasets, Mining Massive DataSets for Security, NATO ASI Workshop Series, IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2008.

mmdss-2008.djvu mmdss-2008.pdf

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Slightly expanded version of the original NIPS version reporting some experimental results from the SGD pages.

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