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I am a research scientist with broad interests in machine learning and artificial intelligence. My work on large scale learning and stochastic gradient algorithms has received attention in the recent years. I am also known for the DjVu document compression system. I joined Facebook AI Research in March 2015.

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Natural Language Processing from Scratch

Ronan's masterpiece, "Natural Language Processing (Almost) from Scratch", has been published in JMLR. This paper describes how to use a unified neural network architecture to solve a collection of natural language processing tasks with near state-of-the-art accuracies and ridiculously fast processing speed. A couple thousand lines of C code processes english sentence at more than 10000 words per second and outputs part-of-speech tags, named entity tags, chunk boundaries, semantic role labeling tags, and, in the latest version, syntactic parse trees. Download SENNA!

2011/10/08 23:30 · leonb

Learning Semantics


Learning Semantics,  Nips 2011 Workshop, Saturday December 17, 2011.  Melia Sierra Nevada & Melia Sol y Nieve, Sierra Nevada, Spain.

This workshop is organized in collaboration with Antoine Bordes, Jason Weston, Ronan Collobert. This event should be very interesing: I believe that recent machine learning advances indicate new connections between machine learning and machine reasoning and lead to new opportunties for learning the semantics of the world.

2011/08/31 20:50 · leonb

From machine learning to machine reasoning

Over the last couple of years, I progressively formulated an unusual idea about the connection between machine learning and machine reasoning. I have discussed this idea with many friends and I even gave a seminar in Montreal in 2008. It is described in this technical report.

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2011/02/09 03:13

On the Vapnik-Chevonenkis-Sauer lemma

Many machine learning authors write that a certain fundamental combinatorial result was independently established by Vapnik and Chervonenkis (1971), Sauer (1972), Shelah (1972), and sometimes Perles and Shelah (reference unknown). Vapnik and Chervonenkis published a version of their results in the Proceedings of the USSR Academy of Sciences four years earlier in 1968. It also appears that Sauer and Shelah pursued this result for very different purposes.

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2010/12/20 12:52 · leonb
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