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Erratum: SGDQN is Less Careful than Expected

Abstract: The SGDQN algorithm described in (Bordes et al., 2009) contains a subtle flaw that prevents it from reaching its design goals. Yet the flawed SGDQN algorithm has worked well enough to be a winner of the first Pascal Large Scale Learning Challenge (Sonnenburg et al., 2008). This document clarifies the situation, proposes a corrected algorithm, and evaluates its performance.

Antoine Bordes, Léon Bottou, Patrick Gallinari, Jonathan Chang and S. Alex Smith: Erratum: SGDQN is Less Careful than Expected, Journal of Machine Learning Research, 11:2229–2240, Aug 2010.

JMLR Link    jmlr-2010.djvu jmlr-2010.pdf

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This paper started as an small erratum for (Bordes et al., 2009) and eventually morphed into a full contribution subjected to the normal review process.

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