Part I
The limits of empiricism.

Part II
The gap

Part III
Causes and effects

Part IV
Causal intuitions

From Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence

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There is a big gap between our Machine Learning techniques and our ambition to make a dent in Artificial Intelligence. The purpose of these pages is to explain the nature of the gap, that is, clarify some of the problem we must solve, and describe conceptual tools to reason about them and maybe lead to solutions.

I am planning to add new pages every so often. The most recent additions are listed below in blog style. Since I expect that all these pages will form a coherent ensemble, the sidebar list them as a table of contents, in the order they are expected to be read in the end.

Michael Littman's AI landscape “The Future of AI Symposium”
Michael Littman, 2016

Recent entries

Date Link
2018-09-10 Probabilistic vs. causal inference
2018-09-07 Confounding
2018-06-04 AI for the open world
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